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G-Suit protects your guitar's neck and strings when you’re not playing

G-Suit, a new startup from Tel Aviv, Israel, is proposing a solution for protecting your guitar’s strings and fretboard without resorting to the nightmarish inconvenience of rehousing it in its case.

The G-Suit is a wrap-around sleeve that neatly covers the neck, strings, fretboard and bridge of your guitar in order to protect strings from corrosion and rust. The cover is lined with velvet, but has a firm centre and seals with a satisfying-looking magnetic tab. 

The firm is now appealing for help funding production of the G-Suit via Kickstarter. Check out the video above and, if you’re a guitarist keen on protection and wishing to escape the tyranny of the case, head to the G-Suit Kickstarter to back the project, where one suit will set you back $40.

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