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Friedman announces BE-OD Deluxe and Golden Pearl overdrive pedals

Friedman Amps has announced a pair of new overdrive pedals, the BE-OD Deluxe and Golden Pearl.

Like the original, compact version, the BE-OD Deluxe’s amp-like distortion is based on the Friedman BE-100, but this time adds a second channel and dual midrange controls - it’s essentially two BE-ODs in one.

The top row of controls is the same as the original, while the bottom row is voiced with slightly lower gain. Controls include a three-position tight switch, volume, gain, bass, middle, treble and presence.

Intriguingly, the BE-OD Deluxe is powered by 18V DC only, but includes a splitter cable to allow you to do just that using an isolated pedal power supply.

The Golden Pearl, meanwhile, is designed to be a transparent, lower-gain overdrive, intended to push already overdriven amps or for just-broken-up tones into a clean amp.

A three-position high-frequency cut switch and tri-mode clipping voice switch (for LED, diode or no clipping) add versatility.

This one can be powered by 9-18V power supplies, and like the BE-OD, features true bypass switching.

The BE-OD Deluxe ($269) and Golden Pearl ($169) are available from 19 November - head on over to Friedman Amplification for more info.

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