Foo Fighters and Rush producer Nick Raskulinecz on how he records drums

With a CV that includes Rush, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains Deftones, Korn, Mastodon and many more, producer/engineer/mixer Nick Raskulinecz has had a hand in capturing some of this century's greatest recorded rock drum sounds.

Nick recently sat down with Sabian for an in-depth conversation about some of his career highlights, cymbal selection his approach to recording drums.

As well as tuning and dampening techniques, Nick also talks about his approach to mic'ing the kit including close mics and alternative mic'ing techniques, specifically how recording drums and cymbals separately over two passes can make for a much more flexible end result. 

The technique, as Nick explains is an old studio trick (and was famously used on Queens Of The Stone Age's Songs For The Dead) involves the drummer playing the song twice: once on a kit with dummy cymbals, cymbal pads or no cymbals at all. The next take is played on muted drums or pads, while the cymbals are captured, allowing a bleed-less mix when the two are combined.

Watch the video in full above.

Stuart Williams

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