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Find out how Kali Audio has taken its LP-6 and LP-8 studio monitors to the next level

Kali Audio’s LP-6 and LP-8 are already among the best-selling studio monitors in the world, but the company isn’t resting on its laurels. Both models have now been upgraded, and with new features in various key areas, they sound better than ever.

For a start, the amplifier architecture has been refined, meaning that self-noise is 12dB lower in comparison to the speakers they replace. What’s more, output and sensitivity are both 3dB higher, so they play louder for a given input, and also overall. The high-frequency response has been tweaked, too, so you can expect better top-end performance.

Coming in at a very competitive price, the LP-6 and LP-8 are perfect if you’re just starting out, but you certainly won’t grow out of them in a hurry. In fact, there’s plenty for more seasoned producers to admire, too.

You can expect a sound that punches above its weight across multiple genres and formats, with the advanced waveguide, large voice coil and precision tuning making the LP-6 and LP-8 extremely transparent. There’s also an oversized low frequency magnet and low noise port tube that combine to deliver powerful, clean bass response.

Kali Audio LP v2

(Image credit: Kali Audio)

The improved Boundary EQ, meanwhile, enables you to optimise the speaker’s response for its position in your listening space. There’s a wide sweet spot, too, and you’ll experience a convincing 3D soundstage from just two speakers.

Most importantly, these are monitors that you can trust - for better or worse. Whether you go for the LP-6 or LP-8, you’ll get a truly accurate representation of your mix; nothing is boosted or suppressed to try and make the music sound more pleasing. As such, you can be confident that your mixes will translate well to whatever audio systems your audience happen to be using.

Oh, and because the LP-6 and LP-8 are self-powered and come with a variety of inputs, integrating them into your system is easy. 

The LP-6 and LP-8 V2 are available now priced at €199 and €249 respectively (per speaker, including VAT). Find out more on the Kali Audio website.