Fender unveils three new portable, feature-packed Acoustic Series amps

(Image credit: Fender)

Fender has released three brand new Acoustic Series acoustic guitar amps, with a heavy focus on combining portability with a host of acoustic-friendly features including effects, a looper, Bluetooth and more.

The new additions come in three models: the Acoustic Junior and Acoustic Junior GO (both 100 watts) and the stereo Acoustic SFX II (2x100 watts), weighing in at just 15 (6.6 kg), 17 (7.7 kg), and 22lbs (6.6, 7.7 and 9.9 kg).

The three amps share a number of features including dual-channels with XLR/jack combi-inputs for instrument or microphone use, independent three-band EQ and effects engines per-channel, plus a 60-second looper and Bluetooth connectivity for jamming to backing tracks. In addition to this, all three feature USB audio for recording into your DAW, XLR direct outputs for both channels and an auxillary input.

As its name might suggest, the Acoustic Junior GO can run from mains power but its also fitted with a rechargable battery, making it perfect for busking. Fender states that the internal battery will give you five hours of playing time at full-volume, or a much longer 12 hours at moderate levels. Either way, it should see you through at least a few live sets.

Speaker-wise, the Acoustic Junior and Acoustic Junior Go both feature an 8” driver as well as a “hi-fi” compression tweeter to make sure your high end remains intact.

Meanwhile, the Acoustic SFX II comes packing an additional 6” side-firing SFX speaker, making use of Fender’s proprietary Stereo Field Expansion technology which it promises will provide “room-filling, more-than-stereo imaging”. 

Fender’s four-button footswitch for the Acoustic Series amps offers handsfree switching for the effects, looper control, tap tempo and the on-board tuner.  

The Acoustic Junior, Acoustic Junior GO and Acoustic SFX II will be available from November, priced £339.99 ($379.99), £439.99 ($499.99) and £569.99, ($599.99) respectively.

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