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Fender bares all with its new Raw Ash limited edition Performer Strat and Tele

(Image credit: Fender)

If you like ash just the way it is, Fender's new limited edition Performer's could be a treerific option… sorry. There's only a layer of satin polyurethane coating on top but the new FSR Raw Ash American Performer models are packing impressive electronics too.

Both this Tele and Strat have Fender's new Yosemite single-coils. These have flat-staggered pole pieces that increase output and a shellac coating that controls feedback without choking their sound.

These Performers also feature the Greasebucket tone circuit – and really we think more guitars should have this as it lets you roll off top end with the tone control without adding any bass frequencies,. It retains clarity and really encourages you to experiment with the control. 

(Image credit: Fender)

These limited edition guitars are available now from Guitar Center below for $,1249 and we've seen UK street prices around £999 but stock is not widespread.


Fender American Performer Raw Ash Telecaster Limited Edition $1,249
A Tele wish a difference – striking natural ash with Fender's new Yosemite single-coil pickups and the Greasebucket tone circuit for this limited run model. View Deal

Fender American Performer Raw Ash Stratocaster Limited Edition $1,249
The special run Performer Strat in stunning natural grain ash with the new Fender Yosemite pickups and Greasebucket tone circuit View Deal