Fender announces 4 new guitar and bass effects pedals – including a wah

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Electric guitar, acoustic and bass players all have something tailored for their needs in the latest additions to Fender's fast-growing effects pedal range. Including wah and volume pedals.

The Acoustic Preverb, Tread-Light Wah, Tread-Light Volume/Expression Pedal and Trapper Bass Distortion are on sale from 10 November. Check them out below.

Acoustic Preverb

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  • Digital reverb with three unique settings
  • High-fidelity preamp
  • Anti-feedback notch filter
  • Tilt EQ control
  • • LED backlit knobs
  • Lightweight durable anodised aluminum construction

A reverb pedal is the number one effect for acoustic guitar players and the Acoustic Preverb "enhances the tone and natural beauty of an acoustic guitar" and more… 

There's three distinctly voiced-for-acoustic-guitar reverb settings and a high-fidelity preamp to make this "the ultimate ambience machine". 

The Notch filter and polarity switch are designed to eliminate feedback, while the Tilt knob allows players to control their overall EQ balance. 

Trapper Bass Distortion

(Image credit: Fender)
  • Two independent distortion circuits
  • Crossover circuit to preserve clean low end true-bypass and all analog
  • LED backlit knobs
  • Lightweight durable anodised aluminum construction

The Trapper features two independent and stackable distortion circuits for bass players. The main distortion channel features a crossover-blend circuit to preserve clean low frequencies to aide clarity and punch while an additional ‘solo’ distortion channel provides added gain and crunch. 

The Frequency and Sub Level controls allow players to dial in their fundamental tone.

Tread-light Wah

(Image credit: Fender)

Other than an intriguing name, Fender hasn't actually revealed any more details about this, apart from a pic and name. Which is pretty odd. So let's take a closer look… three toggle switches to control mid frequencies and a bypass LED indicator. 

More news when we get it!

Tread-Light Volume / Expression

(Image credit: Fender)

A similar housing to the wah and a similar lack of info from Fender on this. As the name suggests it can serve as both a volume and expression pedal for other effects and a toggle switch assigns duties. 

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