Explore every corner of a mix with PreSonus’ compact and powerful Eris Pro Series studio monitors

PreSonus speakers
(Image credit: PreSonus)

In addition to offering all manner of impressive virtual accessories – including its incredibly popular Studio One DAW – audio and software company PreSonus is highly regarded for its range of live and studio physical tools. Now, the company has added another stellar product to its hardware line – the Eris Pro Series studio monitors.

Compact and powerful, the new monitors boast a coaxial design for incredibly accurate, three-dimensional sound that allows users to explore every corner of a mix. Sonically, you also get punchy low end and snappy, articulate highs, as well as a consistent acoustic center for superior phase alignment.

PreSonus speaker inline

(Image credit: PreSonus)

PreSonus is known for its commitment to top-notch construction and features, and the Eris Pro continues that tradition. A companion 10-inch subwoofer allows you to take charge of the low-frequency foundation for your mix, and the Eris Pro is also Atmos-ready and both wall- and ceiling-mountable.

What’s more, the Eris Pro is offered in various iterations, with Class AB biamplification, a woven composite low-frequency driver and ultra-low mass, silk-dome high frequency driver, Low Cut, Mid and High controls, three-way Acoustic Space tuning, balanced XLR and ¼-inch inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs and a Power Saver mode that engages after 40 minutes. 

The result is a superior listening experience for both home studios and professional mix rooms for your particular power and size needs.

For more information, head to PreSonus.

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