Eventide brings back the Instant Flanger with mk II plugin

Eventide has brought back the Instant Flanger effect, with the new mk II plugin.

Based on the original Eventide Clockworks Instant Flanger, the mk II faithfully recreates the vintage flanging hardware.

Born out of the need to create an ‘instant’ flanging effect, the Instant Flanger, released in 1975, replaced the need to juggle multiple tape machines, a feature that Grammy award-winning producer Tony Visconti knew, only too well:

“For years and years I had set up two to three tape recorders to achieve real, genuine flanging and phasing. Instant Flanger Mk II is the first plugin to achieve the same exact effect without harming tape recorders. ‘Itchycoo Park’ and ‘I Am The Walrus’ are now available to everybody!” 

The plugin is available in AAX/AU/VST formats for Mac and PC at an introductory price of $37until 30 April 2019, rising to $129 thereafter. More details can be found on the Eventide website.

Eventide Instant Flanger II features

  • Three distinct flanging flavors - set Mode for Shallow, Deep, or Wide. Manual control allows adjustment of the ‘comb’ effect by turning the big knob
  • Oscillator drives the flanging at a user-determined rate
  • Envelope Follower drives the flanging based on the source signal’s amplitude. 
  • Remote maps the flanging control to a keyboard controller’s mod wheel for tactile manipulation 
  • Depth allows users to set the intensity of the effect - 100% adds the dry signal to the delayed signal, -100% adds the phase inverted dry signal to the delayed signal 
  • Bounce creates the distinctive effect of the tape machine’s capstan motor ‘hunting’ for its proper speed when the engineer removed their thumb from the tape reel flange 
  • Sidechain allows for triggering the Envelope Follower from a separate source in the mix for inter-track mingling 
  • Exercise total control of the Oscillator with Sync and Retrig controls. 
  • Tame the intensity by removing low frequencies from the flanged signal with the Low Cut knob 
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