Eventide at Plugin Week 2023: SplitEQ is a transient/tonal equalizer that gets precise, musical results with less time and effort

PLUGIN WEEK 2023: SplitEQ is Eventide’s powerful Transient/Tonal equalizer which excels at corrective and creative equalization, making it easy to get the precise, musical results you need with less time and effort. 


“Definitely a gamechanger. What stands out to me the most about the SplitEQ, is the ability to retain key aspects of the affected band’s original sound. It can be far less destructive than any equalizer I’ve ever used… I feel like it produces results that I’d ordinarily use analog outboard gear to accomplish, but in a different, very intuitive, way.”  - Blake Harden, Engineer/Mixer (Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry, SZA) 

Whether you’re fixing poorly recorded tracks, polishing a great take, or tightening up a mix, SplitEQ helps you to tackle these tasks quickly with surgical precision. 

With SplitEQ, you can remove a kick drum’s boom without losing its thump, or add sheen to vocals without boosting harsh sibilance and mouth noise. You can enhance acoustic guitar harmonics while reducing string buzz. 

Users will find SplitEQ to be a powerful tool for approaching material in a new, musically, and sonically meaningful way.  

"A new approach"

"Not Just Another Plug-in - It’s a new approach to equalization. Transient control is a huge part of mixing, and being able to manipulate that with an EQ adds a new dimension. Split EQ is a step forward in surgical precision with a ton of artistic potential as well.” - Paul “Willie Green” Womack, Engineer/Producer (Wiz Khalifa, The Alchemist, The Roots)

An 8-band parametric EQ with pristine musical filters, SplitEQ additionally offers high-res, real-time spectrum analysis with multiple options for monitoring or comparing Transient and Tonal signals. 

Further, SplitEQ provides precise stereo image manipulation of the Transient and Tonal elements of each frequency band, with L/R and Mid/Side panning support for each. SplitEQ also features Peak and RMS metering making it a truly versatile tool for mixing and mastering applications. 

SplitEQ is available for Mac and PC in VST, AAX and AU formats from Eventide and authorized dealers worldwide. Visit eventideaudio.com/SplitEQ  for more information and to request a free 30-day demo. 

Learn more at eventide.com

Eventide SplitEQ

(Image credit: Eventide)

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