Epiphone Power Players multi-effects pedal surfaces online

Epiphone Power Players pedal
(Image credit: Epiphone )

On our 'things we weren't expecting to see in 2023' bingo card we'd probably not have even considered an Epiphone multi-effects pedal. But here it is, listed at Sweetwater dnd Russo Music, no less.

The Epiphone Power Players Multi-Effects Pedal has overdrive, distortion and delay, each with designated controls, footswitches, plus a fourth footswitch for tap tempo and activating a tuner on a small colour LED screen.  

Epiphone Power Players pedal

(Image credit: Epiphone)

Keen eyes will recognise the Power Players name from Epiphone's  22.73" scale Power Players SG and Les Paul guitars released last year, aimed at younger players. Suggesting the brand has its ambitions beyond just instruments for the range. And though this multi-effects could certainly be aimed at beginners, there's no reason why everyone can't enjoy the practical advantages of three popular effects in one unit.

The distortion pedal side offers Hi and Lo gain modes via a toggle switch, alongside Gain, Tone and Level controls. The overdrive has Drive, Tone and Level, while the delay offers Mix, Feedback and Time. Each footswitch has it's own LED colour too, while the overall longboard look reminds us of the Tech 21 Fly Rigs

Epiphone Power Players pedal

(Image credit: Epiphone )

Like those, the Power Players Multi-Effects looks to have a hardy metal chassis, but is finished in white, and also offers an FX loop for integrating other pedals, in addition to an onboard cab sim with stereo SLR balanced DI outputs for recording or going out straight to a PA.

There's a 3.5mm aux input for backing tracks or jamming along to your favourite songs too. 

Sweetwater has it listed for $199 while the Russo Music preorder is $159, with a 10-foot guitar cable included, alongside a power cable. No release date is stated as yet. 

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