Is this Digitakt II? Leak suggests successor to Elektron's popular sampler is on the way with "so much more power under the hood"

(Image credit: Elektron)

Elektron fans, rejoice: it looks like the successor to the Swedish manufacturer's enduringly popular Digitakt sampler and drum machine is finally on the way. 

A now-deleted leak shared on the Elektronauts forum yesterday, and later reposted to Reddit, suggests that the release of the Digitakt II is imminent and gives us an exciting glimpse at the machine's spec sheet. 

According to the leaked details, Digitakt II will offer stereo sampling, unlike its younger brother, along with a track count of 16, up from Digitakt's 8 tracks. These tracks can be freely assigned to either audio or MIDI, for sequencing external gear. The II also boasts extra storage, with 400MB of sample memory and an impressive 20GB of storage.

That's not all. Digitakt's beloved sequencer has reportedly been equipped with Euclidean sequencing and expanded to 128 steps for its second iteration, double that of its predecessor. There are new, 'swappable' filters onboard - each track is equipped with a base/width filter along with an additional filter slot that can be filled with a choice of five filter types - and there's now three LFOs available per track.

Though the machine's design has been kept relatively similar, keen-eyed Elektronites will notice a new button on the interface: FX. This points to an expanded selection of effects processors that includes delay, reverb, chorus, and overdrive per track, along with bit and sample rate reduction and compression and overdrive on the master output. 

As for connectivity, Digitakt II offers you two stereo ins and outs, a headphone output, MIDI In, Out and Thru along with a USB-B port. The leak suggests the sampler will be priced at 949€.

When we know more, so will you...


(Image credit: Elektron)


(Image credit: Elektron)
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