Electro Harmonix's tiny Pico Platform might be the perfect excuse to add a compressor to your pedalboard

Electro-Harmonix Pico Platform pedal
(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

We recently talked about how a studio-style compression pedal can be a great always-on tone enhancer for guitarists, and it's like Electro Harmonix was reading our minds as its new Pico Platform Compressor / Limiter could deliver just that, and in a compact package.

Following on from the company's enticing new Pico POG, the Platform promises "subtle tone polishing to super squashed sustain" like its original big brother, and along with Attack and Sustain controls, its Blend knob should certainly help with the former to dial between a balance of compressed and clean signal. 

It could be great for bass too, as Gigolo Aunts and Afghan Whigs guitarist Jon Skibic demonstrates in the demo above with an excerpt from David Bowie's China Girl

The transparent Pico Platform streamlines the comp section of the full-sized Stereo Platform and offers two switchable modes to choose between Hard Knee and Soft Knee styles of compression. With the latter the compressor's gain reduction kicks in gradually after the signal has exceeded the set threshold for a subtler response. Hard Knee is a more pronounced effect. 

We're really interested to see what else lies ahead for the Pico range – mini versions of the Holy Grail reverb, Small Stone phaser or Soul Food klon-style drive perhaps? 

The Pico Platform is available for $139 from Sweetwater. More info at Elecro-Harmonix

Rob Laing
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