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Electro-Harmonix’s Platform stereo compressor promises “studio-quality signal processing in a pedalboard-ready package”

Electro-Harmonix is really into compression right now: after announcing the Tone Corset earlier this month, the New York effects co has launched the Platform stereo compressor pedal.

Designed for use in studio environments as well as on pedalboards, the Platform offers a compressor/limiter and overdrive section.

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Controls include volume, attack, release and sustain, plus push-buttons for hard or soft knee and limiter. The footswitchable overdrive section features controls for volume, tone and drive, while swell is controlled by a dedicated knob for gradual fade-ins.

Eight LEDs display the compressor’s gain reduction in realtime, too.

The Platform is available from mid-July for £148/$159 - EHX has more.

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