EastWest Sounds at Plugin Week 2023: Create retro nostalgia and modern masterpieces

PLUGIN WEEK 2023: EastWest Sounds helps you create both retro nostalgia and modern masterpieces with their new synthesizers STRING MACHINE and FORBIDDEN PLANET.

String Machine

EastWest Sounds at plugin week 2023

(Image credit: EastWest Sounds)

Paying homage to the great vintage string synthesizers of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, EastWest's new STRING MACHINE virtual instrument brings the past into the future. Produced by sound titans Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, String Machine includes samples from some of the greats – the ARP Solina, Oberheim OBX, Roland RS-505, and the Roland Jupiter 6 – and allows you to instantly combine them with modern strings, brass, woodwinds, and vocals to create unique vintage vibes perfect for your next retro soundtrack or pop, rock, or hip-hop hit.

EastWest String Machine

(Image credit: EastWest Sounds)

String Machine features 4 color-coded instrument sections, including string machines and pads (red), string sections (green), solo woodwinds and brass (teal), and choirs and solo vocals (orange). Each instrument section features a number of instruments and alternatives, giving you countless ways to combine them into a diverse range of timbres, and the ease of mixing the individual instrument sections together to create rich, multi-layered pads.

With high-quality sampling of vintage hardware units and authentic ensemble chorus emulations, String Machine is the perfect companion to recreate the classic sounds of vintage string machine synthesizers, and much more. Whether you need a synthy string pad heavy with retro nostalgia, or a rich backdrop for a pop track, String Machine gives you the instruments and controls that empower you to deliver.

Forbidden Planet

EastWest Sounds at plugin week 2023

(Image credit: EastWest Sounds)

In addition to String Machine, EastWest recently released FORBIDDEN PLANET, a new revolutionary hybrid synth that allows you to instantly morph between synth layers and acoustic instruments to create new instruments like you've never heard before, from dreamy cinematic soundscapes to hard-hitting EDM bass lines. 

Now a nominee for a TEC Award for Best Musical Software Instrument of 2022, Forbidden Planet combines some of the best synths ever sampled with the world's most pristine sampled instruments. Also produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, Forbidden Planet includes over 600 expertly crafted morphing synths across categories such as Arpeggiator, Bass, Drones, FX, Leads, Pads, and Polysynth. Forbidden Planet is simply a composer’s dream, perfect for all genres.

EastWest Forbidden Planet

(Image credit: EastWest Audio)

Crossfade between sound sources and filter settings with the central XY pad, allowing you to capture morphing hybrid sounds in moments. By moving the Orbital Control, you can dynamically capture broad but smooth shifts in both timbre and frequency content. Moving left and right changes the blend amount between two contrasting sources, chosen from analog, acoustic, synthetic, and large-scale cinematic sounds. The vertical position controls filter frequency and is perfect for creating sweeping gestures, manipulating the output however you see fit. EDM, sci fi, horror, world, hybrid music and more — Forbidden Planet gives you the tools to bring them all to life without limitation.

For a limited time, you can purchase both String Machine and Forbidden Planet as a Synth Super Bundle for $299, or get these titles plus EastWest's multiple award-winning Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition as a Hybrid Super Bundle for $499.


EastWest Sounds at plugin week 2023

(Image credit: EastWest Sounds)

However, the easiest and most cost effective way to grab these titles plus all 42,000 virtual instruments in EastWest's vast catalog is with a ComposerCloud+ subscription (just $19.99/month). ComposerCloud+ includes everything you need to make music in any genre, including strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, world instruments, drums, pianos, vocals, synths and much more – all downloadable with a single click. It also includes all new releases, including some truly incredible new titles coming in 2023 (stay tuned for some BIG announcements). And what's more, EastWest is currently offering a 30 Day Free Trial of ComposerCloud+ so you can check out all of these incredible titles for yourself without spending a dollar! 


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