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EarthQuaker Devices adds Flexi-switch and relay switching in updates to 4 popular pedals

EarthQuaker Devices has announced updates to four of its most popular pedals: the Arpanoid, Grand Orbiter, Palisades and The Warden.

The Arpanoid V2, Grand Orbiter V3 and Palisades V2 now feature the Ohio company’s Flexi-switch, which offers instant latch or momentary operation, depending on how long the footswitch is held.

All four of the new stompboxes - including The Warden V2 - now feature soft-click relay switching systems to boot.

The Arpanoid V2 (£229), Grand Orbiter V3 (£209), Palisades V2 (£249) and The Warden V2 (£209) are available now - see EarthQuaker Devices for more info.

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