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Ear Prog teaches you to recognise chord progressions and unlock your ‘musical superpowers’

Leverkuhn Apps thinks that knowing and being able to identify chord progressions is a “musical superpower” that can help your songwriting, improvisation and live jamming, and its Ear Prog app is designed to train you to do precisely that.

This includes more than 60 chord progressions that are divided into three categories. Standard includes basic movements of two and three chords; Four Chords contains, unsurprisingly, 4-chord progressions; and Minor covers minor patterns. The name of each progression is displayed as you listen to it, so you can learn to recognise what it sounds like.

This isn’t a gamified app – you’re not scored and you can practise at your own pace – but it could have real long-term benefits. It’s available for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store priced at £0.99/$0.99.