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Weekend Woodshed

Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders
Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders

Matt Held-owws!

If you've read the Matt Helders interview in the latest issue of Rhythm (and if you haven't, why not? It's great), then you'll know Pete Thomas of The Attractions stepped in to help his fellow ex-pat Yorkshiremen in the studio when Matt broke his hand at the beginning of sessions for new album AM. What we didn't divulge is exactly HOW the cheeky Monkey got his injury…

And if you were wondering about our Helders moving cover on the iPad edition (opens in new tab) - a technical problem caused this not to work initially, but now it does! Thanks, boffins:

When stick tricks go wrong…

…and make you and your band look like twonks. Probably best not to try this when your band is, in fact, miming.

This is Spinal Tap again…

Spinal Tap interviews never get old. This one from 1992, where they talk about, among other things, exploding drummers (obviously).

At least they're honest…

The end is in sight for blues rock duo Wet Nuns, who are splitting because they "hate the sight of each other".

Wet Nuns were featured in Rhythm's Introducing pages back in February 2012, where they revealed that Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders (yep, him again) is a fan, having remixed one of their tracks for a Sheffield band/DJ collaboration project.

Explaining why they've decided to part, they say: "Wet Nuns was a joke we started in the summer of 2009. We never thought we'd do much more than play a couple of the pubs in and around Sheffield. There's personal things going on in and out of the band that has rendered it an increasingly stressful and negative entity to be a part of. In short, our four year long joke isn't very funny anymore. We're sick of the sight of each other, and the band is imminently to cease to exist".

Drummer loses kit over cliff...

We'd also like to highlight the plight of Cornish drummer Darren Curgenven, who not only had two-grand's worth of kit nicked, but the thieves then stupidly dumped the lot over a cliff. Philistines. A Facebook appeal has been launched to get donations for poor Darren to get up and drumming again...

Drum Cover of the Week

He's probably too young to be allowed to play Call Of Duty, but Antoine Fadavi has bravely tackled Arin Ilejay's drum track for 'Not Ready To Die,' which Avenged Sevenfold did for the Black Ops 2 videogame. Good stuff, Antoine. Incidentally, look out for an interview with Arin in the next Rhythm!

If you've done a drum cover you're particularly proud of, or if you've seen an awesome one recently - email us at!