Tom Wheeler talks Live Lounge with Dr Meaker

Drummer discusses Radio 1xtra session
Drummer discusses Radio 1xtra session

Drummer Tom Wheeler has just out of a Radio 1xtra session with Dr Meaker - here's what he had of it all.

"On 23rd November 2012 I was asked with my band, Dr Meaker, to perform a Radio 1Xtra Live Lounge Session for Trevor Nelson at Maida Vale Studios, London. We played our new single 'Fighter' and we covered Adele's 'Skyfall'.

"We chose to cover the Adele track as our mystery cover because we loved the organic sounds in the original and the string arrangements are amazing, it is a great song! We wanted to put our own spin on this tune and take it somewhere else adding an electronic edge.

"For this session I was using my Sonor SQ2 drum kit, alongside the Roland SPD-SX and PD-85 Trigger Pad."

"Both tracks were approached very differently. 'Fighter' is a very aggressive drum and bass tune and was played on the acoustic kit live with backing samples on the SPD-SX. Some of the ghost note sounds were played using the PD-85 trigger pad. It was crucial that the samples were blended into the acoustic drums to give it a live and electronic soundscape. When the programmed drum samples and acoustic kit are together it creates a huge sound that is ready for the clubs. We wanted to get across our harder sound for this live lounge session and give a representation of what we do at our shows.

"For our cover of 'Skyfall' by Adele, it was performed using entirely samples on the SPD-SX until the end drum and bass section where it returned back to the live acoustic kit. The kicks, snares and hats were all on the different pads and I created the beat from these sounds. It was refreshing to play and approach the track in this way."

Want to hear the whole session? Head here.

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