Sabian marks Rush anniversary with new Paragons

Four new models added to Sabian line
Four new models added to Sabian line

Neil Peart is celebrating 40 years with Rush, Sabian is marking ten years of the Paragon range, and the two have joined forces for a mega celebration.

The result of this two-pronged commemoration is four brand new additions to the Sabian Paragon line.

All four of these newbies will prick the ears of drummers that love playing hard and heavy with gigantic metals. For starters, you've got a new 15" set of hats, and there's also a trio of crashes - 17", 19" and 22".

It's not just their size which make these cymbals solid performances, the crashes are medium weight and feature large bells which boom with volume. The hats, meanwhile, are also medium weight which helps deliver lightning-fast response.

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