Prodigy open up on Dave Grohl collaboration

The nicest man in rock really is friends with everybody - even the Prodge! It turns out that the 'Prodigy/Dave Grohl circus' came about when the Foo Fighters' main man emailed Liam Howlett and co recordings of his drumming. The gift was more than just beats; it was an inspiration...

Speaking on BBC Radio One, the Prodigy's Liam Howlett, explained: "He just emailed to say he's finished his touring, he really loves drumming and wants to get back into it."

"Yeah this is a song" Liam Howlett

"He sent me some drums on a hard-drive with hope that it might inspire me to write a song - sure enough when I got the hard-drive it was really inspirational. Within the first 10 seconds of it being on I was like 'Yeah this is a song' - the track was born Run With The Wolves."

Dave Grohl is the only collaborator on the album Invaders Must Die, which is due in shops on 2 March.