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NAMM 2010: Pearl unveils new Brazilian percussion

Pearl Brazilian Timbao and Rocar
Pearl Brazilian Timbao and Rocar

PRESS RELEASE: Pearl's line of Brazilian Percussion brings modern refinements and Pearl quality to the traditional Samba musician.

Our Repinique's now feature lightweight yet sturdy steel shells with etched heads, shoulder straps and low rims for incredible playing comfort.

The lightweight wood shell Surdos allow for hours of comfortable play when worn over the shoulder with the provided strap. Now available in 18"x22", 20"x18", and 22"x22" sizes (diameter x depth), Pearl's popular Surdos continue to become the industry standard.

The timbao is a Brazilian conga-type drum made from lightweight fiberglass, and is capable of the extremely high tension utilized in tradition Brazilian ensembles. The Rocar is equipped with brass and steel platinellas, and can be played as a single shaker, or separated for two-handed sonic options.

PBCX1206 - 12"x6" Brazilian Snare Drum ($165.00 List)

PBR10S - 10" w/ strap ($199 List)
PBR12S - 12" w/ strap ($239.00 List)

PBRC80 - ($109 List)

PBTB140 - Brazilian Conga Drum w/ Strap ($399.00 List)

For more information, visit Pearl Drums' official site

Information taken from official press release

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