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NAMM 2010: Pearl presents the EZ-Tune Djembe

Pearl EZ-Tune Djembe
Pearl EZ-Tune Djembe

PRESS RELEASE: Pearl's EZ Tune Djembe is the first djembe ever to combine the traditional look and feel of a rope djembe with the modern functionality of a mechanical tuning system.

Available in 12.5" or 14" sizes, and with traditional oak or lightweight fiberglass construction, the EZ-Tune Djembe provides the incredible low-end response and cutting high-end projection that Pearl djembes are known for, with unprecedented tuning accuracy.

EZ Tune Djembes truly are the future of Djembe construction and function.

PJF350RX632 - 14" Fiberglass ($449.00 List)
PJF320RX632 - 12.5" Fiberglass ($349.00 List)
PJW140R508 - 14" Oak ($499.00 List)
PJW125R508 - 12.5" Oak ($449.00 List)

For more information, visit Pearl Drums' official site

Information taken from official press release

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