NAMM 2008: The second coming of LinnDrum

The long-time synth buffs among you will remember the LinnDrum, a classic Roger Linn drum machine that was released in 1982. Now, more than 25 years later, it has a successor.

LinnDrum II is the new name for the BoomChik drum machine that was announced at the 2007 Winter NAMM Show. It's being co-developed by Roger Linn and Dave Smith, who recently released the Prophet '08.

There will actually be two versions of the LinnDrum II: a standard 'all-digital' model and the LinnDrum II Analog. The former will be available from Roger Linn Design, with the latter being sold by Dave Smith Instruments.

Both machines will come with an operating system that's optimised for live performance and 16 velocity/pressure-sensitive drum pads. Step recording will be offered, and you'll be able to apply real-time effects to the output mix.

Stereo inputs, meanwhile, will enable you to sample, process audio or trigger sounds, while a USB port will be implemented for easy transfer of files to and from your computer.

Additional features in the LinnDrum II will include four analog voices based on the Curtis-chip synth voices from the Prophet '08 and Evolver keyboards. Each of these will have its own output.

We're hoping that one or both of the new LinnDrum IIs will be on display at the 2008 Winter NAMM show, but it seems unlikely that either product will actually be released until later in the year.

Projected prices are $1000 for the LinnDrum II and $1500 for the LinnDrum II Analog.

More information can be found on the Roger Linn Design and Dave Smith Instruments websites.

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