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Kick the bucket with BucketDrums

Why didn't KFC think of these first?
Why didn't KFC think of these first?

If you're like us, you've tried making music while painting the house. The folks at BucketDrums must have heard us banging around, because they've come out guessed it - BucketDrums!

Using a revolutionary new head mounting system and 100 percent recycled plastic buckets, BucketDrums are actual drums that are affordable for everyone. Play them on their own or mount them to any drum or percussion setup, and off you go - no house painting necessary.

Current sizes available are 12" diameter large and 12" diameter short, with an assortment of "personalization" accessories available ranging from custom BucketDrums wraps to unique sticker packs. Additional sizes available ranging from 8" diameter up to 22" diameter are scheduled to be launched this summer.

Single BucketDrum lists for $49.95US while a double set goes for $99.95US. For more information, visit the official BucketDrums website.