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Hammerax rolls out a 24"x20" Oval Crash

Oval Crash: Light, thin and dark
Oval Crash: Light, thin and dark

Hammerax have announced the release of the hand-hammered bronze 24"x20" Oval Crash. The cymbal features two microcup buttons, a large oval cup, and a hand hammered logo.

Like most Hammerax cymbals it comes with three polished holes for removable sizzles and as it weighs in at a poultry 1,770 grams, it's certainly light as well as thin. The underside of the cymbal has been left raw and unpolished to allow special scraping FX with sticks, fingernails and other strikers.

The combination of hand-hammered production methods, the oval shape and a patent-pending new alloy create what Hammerax's president John Stannard calls "the darkest cymbal I have ever heard".

For more information, visit the Hammerax website.