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Grover Pro introduces 3 new tambourines

Grover Pro Percussion
Grover Pro Percussion

PRESS RELEASE: Grover Pro Percussion Inc. has announced the release of new tambourine models featuring Remo Renaissance heads.

This launch results from percussionists asking Grover Pro to develop a tambourine that can perform consistently at outdoor venues on the hottest, most humid days.

The new models are virtually unaffected by humidity: in fact, you can literally pour water over these tambourines and the heads will remain taut!

"The new models are terrific; really great for playing at outdoor venues," comments President and Founder Neil Grover. He should know, as he's been playing percussion with the Boston Pops for over 30 years. "I can't wait to use this model on the Esplanade during our big July 4th concert," commented Grover. "It will work out perfectly."

All three models feature a solid hardwood shell, staggered dual-width double row jingle slots, captive pins and double row hand-hammered jingles.

Three models available:

T2/GS-X German Silver jingles - MSRP $184
T2/BC-X Beryllium Copper jingles - MSRP $208
T2/GsPh Silver/Bronze combo - MSRP $189

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