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GMS unveils new value-focussed drums

PRESS RELEASE: GMS Drum Company, best known for its acclaimed US made Grand Master Series and SE lines, has debuted a new series aimed at bringing high-quality, affordable drums to a much broader audience.

Following the runaway success of GMS's midrange all-maple CL line, launched in 2004, distributors urged the company to develop a truly well-made, value-oriented line. With no shortage of "me-too" entry-level kits crowding the market, GMS owners Rob Mazzella and Tony Gallino sought to create a line that was not only affordable, but also attractively distinctive.

SL drums feature all birch shells with rich lacquer finishes commonly found on high-end kits. Precisely cut 45-degree bearing edges ensure maximum sensitivity and ease of tuning. Beautiful chrome hardware and RIMS type suspension mounts give these drums both great tone and a sharp appearance. The drums feature 2.3mm steel triple-flanged hoops and first-quality Evans UNO heads.

"GMS has earned a very strong reputation over the years," comments Mazzella. "Our distributors and dealers tell us there are a lot of drummers, particularly younger players, who would love to own a GMS kit but aren't ready to purchase one of our premium line products. The SL series drums fill that need."

SL Series drums are available in four and five-piece kits, bundled with SL Series pedals and hardware. Finish choices include Natural Birch, Midnight Stain, Coffee Fade, Caramel Burst, and Red Fade.

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Information taken from official press release

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