BFD2: Redesigned and ready to go

BFD - the original multi-gigabyte drum workstation - has been updated to version 2. Enhancements include a redesigned interface, a bigger sample library and greater flexibility throughout the software.

The new GUI is said to have been redesigned from the ground up and promises to give you more power and control when it comes to shaping your drum sounds. We're assured that BFD2 is quick and easy to set up, and that management of kits, instruments, Grooves and other files has been improved.

BFD2 comes with ten complete drum kits, plus additional snares, cymbals and other content. The sample library now weighs in at 55GB, and was captured in sessions at London's AIR Studios.

Flexible routing and submixing are on offer, as are a new EQ module and FX Suite. The Groove engine is in place to help you make your drum parts sound more realistic - it offers editing, performance and humanization functions - and you can position your mics in multiple positions for that 'recorded live' effect.

BFD2 supports up to 96 velocity layers and enables you to import stereo, multi-velocity-layer samples.

FXpansion has equipped the software with what it believes is a selection of 'great sounding' presets, while more than 5000 grooves are included too.

BFD2 is available now for Mac and PC and supports the VST, RTAS and AU plug-in standards. It costs $399/€299/£199.

You can find out more on the FXpansion website.

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