Draw sound with your finger using the EG WaveSHAPER iOS synth

Elliott Garage’s EG WaveSHAPER is a iOS new synth that enables you to draw sound with your finger.

The name is a bit of a giveaway - this is a waveshaping instrument - and you can either draw an original waveform or adapt a built-in one. You can combine the wavetable oscillator with an analogue-style oscillator and sub-oscillator to create additional layers and depth.

You can also morph between two wavetables, while two LFOs and two envelopes can be assigned to pretty much any of the synth parameters.

Check out the specs below. EQ WaveSHAPER can be pre-ordered now from the Apple App Store and is priced at $11.99/£11.99.

Elliott Garage EQ WaveSHAPER specs

  • Hybrid Wavetable/Waveshaping engine
  • Draw your wavetable oscillator with your finger
  • 100+ presets (Pad, Lead, Bass and Fx)
  • 30+ builtin waveforms to use and modify
  • 2 LFOs and 2 ENVs assignable to any parameter
  • FX: Reverb, Delay and EG Crush
  • Detune osc to create huge unison sounds
  • FM and Noise with configurble FM Ratio and Noise EQ
  • VCF and Reso filters
  • Complete presets management with export and share
  • Core MIDI: MIDI in, MIDI CC, MIDI channel pressure
  • AU3 with full knobs parameters automation
  • Universal for iPad & iPhone
Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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