Dave Grohl on the "dysfunction" of Nirvana: “Was I as close to Kurt as I am to Taylor Hawkins? No”

Dave Grohl performing with Nirvana: The Astoria, London, 5th November 1991
(Image credit: Ian Dickson/Redferns/Getty)

Dave Grohl has spoken about the “dysfunctional” relationship that existed within Nirvana between himself, Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic. 

In a recent interview with The Big Issue ahead of Foo Fighters’ new album, Medicine at Midnight, the former Nirvana drummer described the trio as a “match made in heaven”, adding "but personally it was a bit off, to be honest". 

Grohl - whose signature DW snare drum was recently announced -  continues, “Of course we loved each other. We were friends, but, you know, there was a dysfunction in Nirvana that a band like Foo Fighters doesn’t have. You also have to realise, from the time I joined Nirvana to the time it was over was only about four years. It wasn’t a long period of time. Was I as close to Kurt, as I am to Taylor Hawkins? No.”

“But that emotional dysfuntion in Nirvana was relieved when we put on instruments. If the music hadn’t worked, we wouldn’t have been there together."

"I truly believe that there’s some people you can only communicate with musically. And sometimes that’s an even greater, deeper communication. There are people I might feel a little awkward talking to but once we strap on instruments, it’s like they’re the love of my life.”

Foo Fighters’ 10th album, Medicine at Midnight is out on February 5th. 

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