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D’Addario has released an expandable pedalboard called the XPND

You buy a pedalboard for your effects pedals, you run out of space… then you have to buy another one. Surely there's a better way than this? No, buying less pedals is not the answer! Instead D'Addario has come up with its own solution; a telescopic pedalboard.

Two telescopic pedalboard options, in fact! The XPND series allows you to easily change the size of your board – so it's also a solution for scaling down for a small rehearsal 'board for your rucksack (or optional Backline XPND Pedalboard Transporter bags). The XPND design features "aircraft-quality rails" that allow for easy adjustment, a cable management system, and comes pre-fitted with hook and loop fastener tape.


(Image credit: D'Addario)

The potential flexibility here is enhanced by the optional Pedal Riser, allowing you to elevate individual pedals if required.

The D'Addario XPND is available in one or two-row configurations; XPND 1 – one row (two rail) pedalboard ($79.99 / €109), XPND 2 – two row (four rail) pedalboard ($169.99 / €209).

The Small Backline Pedalboard Transporter bags area €89 for the small and €159 for the large.