Cort revises its flagship electric guitar range with the impressive G280 Select

Cort G280 Select
(Image credit: Cort)

Cort has unveiled the G280 Select, a high-end S-style electric guitar that piles on the luxury with an attractive figured maple top, and expanding upon the brand's ethos of 'affordable boutique' that we have seen in guitars such as the G280DX and the G290 FAT.

The G280 Select arrives in an HSS configuration, and complements a high-output Voiced Tone VTH-77 bridge humbucker with a pair of VTS-63 single-coils that are selected and controlled via a five-way pickup selector, volume and tone conrols.  

It has a solid alder body with a flame maple top, a pearloid pickguard to skew the aesthetic vintage-modern, while Cort's CTA-III recessed vibrato promises a stable platform for whammy bar high jinks.

Featuring stainless steel saddles and a solid machined-steel block and steel baseplate, Cort says the CTA-III's design will offer "greatly improved sustain, faster and punchier pick attack, and a more coherent and balanced fundamental tone."  

While the G280 Select has a grown-up look, available in a eye-catching Amber or Transparent Black finish, it should nonetheless be a suitable vehicle for ridiculous displays of speed, with its bolt-on neck topped by a rosewood fingerboard carved into a shredder-friendly 12-16" compound radius that'll no doubt ease your passage from the first fret to the 22nd, shooing the fretting hand onwards for some stunt guitar.

And yet, once more, we have this push-pull of Cort's vintage-modern design principles, with the bolt-on maple neck carved into an Ergo-V profile that calls to mind classic electric guitar designs of yore, and should offer a considerable measure of comfort to the fretting hand.

This being a premium design, it is no surprise to see a set of staggered locking tuners on the headstock, completing what is a very impressive spec for a guitar costing £/$549 street. See Cort for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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