Cort brings its popular Artisan Single-Cut bass to more players

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Cort is making an Artisan model of its A5 Plus Single-Cut bass guitar available in a non-multi-scale version in response to player demand. 

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The double-cut version of the A5 Plus impressed us in review back in 2016 and now ew A5 Plus SC offers the same traditional scale length they’re accustomed to. And there's and a brand new finish to celebrate.

Cort's new finish is Amber Open Pore with the striking poplar burl top we've been seeing from the guitar market more this year.

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The single-cut design for the 34" scale bass seeks to improve upper fret access for players as well as body-neck balance. A Hipshot TransTone Bridge is added to enhance the tonal range while providing punch and sustain. 

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Cort claims the A5 Plus SC's character, aided by a maple / panga panga neck and swamp ash body, offers a bright and punchy modern sound. 

The company also states the panga panga fingerboard helps to deliver a "tight and coherent sound that pairs extremely well with the instrument’s multi-laminate neck-thru-body construction."

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The A5 Plus SC features 20:1 ratio Hipshot Ultralite Tuners and Bartolini MK-1 pickups.  Bartolini’s renowned MK-1 preamp provides a flexible three-band EQ for a variety of applications with a switchable active/passive mode. 

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The A5 Plus SC will retail for $1,499.99 with case.

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