The most creative chord generator plugin just got better

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(Image credit: Audiomodern)

Get ready for a whole new level of Chord Gliding awesomeness! Introducing Chordjam 1.5, the latest update from Audiomodern that takes your music production to new heights with its groundbreaking features.

One of the key highlights of Chordjam 1.5 is the addition of MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) technology. This revolutionary feature allows you to create stunningly expressive chord progressions with seamless gliding transitions. 

With polyphonic portamento, you can effortlessly bend from one chord to another, adding a captivating and expressive element to your productions. Whether you trigger chords in real-time or use the sequencer's progression patterns, Chordjam's Glide feature delivers incredible results that have to be heard to be believed.

To use Glide, simply enable the MPE mode on both Chordjam and your DAW, ensuring that the Pitch Bend range is consistent. With a quick press of the Bend button, you activate the Glide feature, and voila! Chordjam is ready to unleash its magical gliding chords. Even with Bend activated, you can still play chords without glide by pressing keys separately, allowing for flexibility in your musical arrangements. 

What’s more, the Settings menu lets you customize the amount of Glide, giving you control over the duration of the gliding effect. Chordjam's Glide feature seamlessly integrates with any plugin or hardware instrument that supports MPE, offering you limitless possibilities for sonic exploration. Whether you're using virtual synths, hardware instruments, or physical MIDI controllers, Chordjam enhances your musical expression with its versatile compatibility.

Another exciting addition in Chordjam 1.5 is the updated preset browser, which introduces Packs and Presets. Packs capture both the Chords and Patterns, ensuring that every exported or imported pack remains faithful to your original design. With over 150 built-in presets and new creative Packs available, Chordjam offers a vast library of inspiring sounds and patterns to kick-start your creative journey. And with 1-Click Export and Import functionality, managing your presets and expansions has never been easier.

Don't just take our word for it: watch the video tutorials showcasing Chordjam's incredible capabilities. Discover how effortlessly it generates musical variations, how the Glide feature adds a touch of magic to your chords, and how the updated preset browser streamlines your workflow. Immerse yourself in the built-in presets and witness the power of Chordjam in action.

Elevate your music production and unlock your creative potential with Chordjam 1.5. Experience the next level of chord gliding awesomeness by incorporating this intelligent compositional assistant into your productions. Whether you're a seasoned musician or just starting your musical journey, Chordjam is the ultimate tool for generating captivating chords and progression patterns.

Visit the Audiomodern website to explore Chordjam’s Packs and Presets and find out more.