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Chase Bliss Audio unveils Warped Vinyl HiFi vibrato/chorus pedal

Chase Bliss Audio has updated its Warped Vinyl analogue vibrato/chorus pedal with a new HiFi incarnation.

The latest version introduces a number of new features, including a lag control for more ‘lush’ chorus tones; a tone control for more HiFi/shimmery sounds; hold feature to allow on-the-fly control of ramping and LFO; and more transparent tone with lower noise and more headroom.

Chase Bliss reckons the differences are enough to warrant the HiFi name, rather than labelling it mk3, but the mk2 is being discontinued regardless.

Otherwise, the pedal offers the original's namesake analogue chorus/vibrato tones with digital control, as you'd expect from Chase Bliss designs.

The Warped Vinyl HiFi is available from 29 December, and up for preorder now at Reverb. See Chase Bliss Audio for more info.

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