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Carl Martin revs up Panama overdrive pedal

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Carl Martin has announced the Panama overdrive pedal, which aims to capture the sound of hot-rodded Plexi tones, as you may have guessed from the pedal’s EVH-referencing moniker.

Besides the usual gain, level and tone controls, the 'British Hot Modded OD' packs a damping knob to allow for tighter or looser bass response.

Based on the sheer amount of gain available (as heard in Pete Thorn’s demo below), we’d say this was more of a distortion pedal than an overdrive. Hot Modded OD, indeed.

The whole thing is packaged in Carl Martin’s anodised enclosure and features an internal DC/DC converter to run at 12V from a 9V power supply.

The Panama is available now for $199 - see Carl Martin for more info.

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