Build your own ukulele with this $20 kit from Harley Benton

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Harley Benton\s range of guitar kits have proved popular with players who love a project to make their own, and the Thomann brand has now expanded the range to include a Concert ukulele DIY kit.

It joins the soprano ukulele kit, plus single-cut, double-cut, ST, JA and TE-style electric guitar sets and provides all the materials you need including pre-cut wood pieces, tuners and ukulele strings

(Image credit: Harley Benton)
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You'll need some tools of your own and the pre-treated wood can be left as it is or given a custom paint job – the choice is yours. 

It's a great way to introduce someone or yourself to the world of DIY builds. And for just £18.90 / €20.40 / $20.65 it's very affordable too.

Check it out at Thomann

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