Boss celebrates its classic pedals with metallic finish 50th anniversary edition DS-1 Distortion , SD-1 Super Overdrive and BD-2 Blues Driver

Boss 50th anniversary pedals
(Image credit: Boss)

In its 50th year, Boss has had one of its best eras for pedal releases; a relentlessly impressive 2023 and at least one (the DM-101 Delay Machine) is a contender for pedal of the year for me – though my bank balance didn't thank me for it. The balance of innovation and celebrating its heritage has been key and its now firmly in the latter camp with its latest announcement; anniversary edition DS-1 Distortion , SD-1 Super Overdrive and BD-2 Blues Driver pedals.

These are stone-cold iconic overdrive and distortion pedals, and still making their way to pedalboards decades after release. If you've not made the investment in any, now's the chance to get a special metallic limited edition. The Boss completist/aficionados out there won't need any convincing. 

Boss pedals

(Image credit: Boss)

There will be 7,000 made of each in a metallic finish, a silver battery-compartment thumb screw, gold-capped control knobs, and a commemorative 50th anniversary emblem. The pedals will also have also have unique four-digit serial numbers.

Circuit-wise they're the same as the standard models. Each will retail for $82.99/£89. Check them out at Sweetwater, Andertons  and Thomann 


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