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Boom! It's the new Electro Harmonix 15Watt Howitzer pedal amp

Electro-Harmonix's workrate is incredible - the company never stops creating new effects pedals. We want to know what they're eating over in NYC because we need some for breakfast. The latest creation is a continuation of the company's great lineage of mini guitar amp pedals. Unlike the 5mm and 44mm Magnum power amp pedals, its latest gun-themed stompbox is a preamp. 


(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

Of course, you could pair both kinds of pedals on your pedalboard for an incredibly portable rig with a powered FRFR cab or even a Line 6 Powercab. But the 15Watt Howitzer allows plenty of options when it comes to usability

There's Volume and Gain controls alongside Bass, Mid and Treble knobs for clean and crunch tone shaping in this Class D design. There's a Bright/Norm switch too that lets you engage a subtle top boost with more presence or a slightly darker top end. An FX loop allows for reverb and delay to go after the preamp too, if you wish.


(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

“Dig it! The sandwich-sized 15Watt Howitzer is perfect as part of a compact guitar rig or backup," says EHX’s Founder, Mike Matthews. "But the thing I dig the most, is the tone that emanates from the Howitzer. It’s super versatile and—depending on what kind of setup you’re running—fits into any style that’s your bag!”

You can hear it in the demo at the top. 

The 15Watt Howitzer is $127.80 and a power adapter included. More info at ehx

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