You can currently buy Behringer’s UC200 chorus pedal in a bundle with white vinegar or a cat calming device and we have no idea why

Behringer UC200 white vinegar
(Image credit: Amazon UK)

If you want your next budget chorus pedal to come with a side order of natural cleaning agent then Behringer has quite the deal for you. For reasons best known to itself, it’s currently selling its UC200 chorus pedal in a bundle with four five-litre bottles of white vinegar.

Yep, we’re as confused as you undoubtedly are, but if you want your sweet chorus to come with a sour aftertaste, go right ahead and check out the listing on Amazon UK.

While the UC200 is designed to do one job - create a chorus effect - white vinegar has a wide range of potential uses. Try it as a bathroom/kitchen cleaner, a substitute for rinse aid or fabric conditioner, or as a fabric stain remover.

Bizarrely, the UC200 is also available to buy with another seemingly unrelated item: the Feliway Classic cat calming device. This plug-in diffuser is said to contain the ‘feline facial’ pheromone and is designed to ease the minds of stressed-out moggies. Perhaps the thinking here is that your guitar playing might be causing behavioural problems in your cat, but we’re not sure.

In fact, it’s hard to say what any of this means, really. Is it a mistake, or perhaps an example of Behringer’s ‘zany’ sense of humour? There aren’t any savings to be made - in each case, the bundle costs the same as if you bought each item separately - so what’s going on? Do let us know if you have any idea…

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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