The Oberheim DMX drum machine is set to ride again as Behringer wheels out its BMX “homage”

Behringer BMX drum machine
(Image credit: Behringer)

Although best known for its synthesizers, Oberheim also released a couple of drum machines back in the day - the DMX and its slimmed-down sibling, the DX. Now Behringer is releasing a “homage” to the DMX in the shape of the BMX.

The BMX currently exists only as a Facebook post, but we’re told that it’s already in prototype. It’s said to contain the same samples as the original DMX, plus a built-in sampler, analogue filters and more.

Like the DMX, the BMX features separate outputs for all eight drum sounds. Further connectivity options include trigger outs, sync I/O, MIDI In/Out/Thru and USB. There are main outputs, a headphone jack and a sampling input, too.

Behringer BMX drum machine

(Image credit: Behringer)

Released in 1980, the DMX was the second commercially-available digital drum machine in history, beaten to the punch only by the Linn LM-1. Its real drum samples gave it an air of authenticity, and the highly regarded swing function offered serious levels of groove.

The DMX was particularly popular in hip-hop circles, and became a staple in dancehall reggae. It also provided the beat for New Order’s classic single, Blue Monday.

Behringer actually foretold its decision to emulate the DMX in a video it released a couple of years ago that charted the Oberheim machine’s history and its influence on ‘80s music. When the BMX will actually be released and how much it will cost remains to be seen.

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