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Beetronics’ Royal Jelly and Buzzter pedals fly the hive

Los Angeles’ Beetronics has caused quite a - OBVIOUS PUN KLAXON - buzz around the industry with its stunning handmade, relic’d pedals, and now the company has set its sights on two new offerings: the Royal Jelly overdrive/fuzz and Buzzter boost/preamp.

Royal Jelly

According to Beetronics, the Royal Jelly is “an overdrive/fuzz blender like no other pedal”, which runs overdrive and fuzz circuits in parallel for blending or running separately.

Two blend presets - Queen and King - make for simple on-the-fly switching, while the dry signal can also be blended.

The pedal’s EQ offers 10dB of cut/boost for hi (2kHz) and lo (80kHz), while a Buzz switch promises the “nasty high-end usually found on vintage fuzz boxes”.

The Royal Jelly Standard is available for $289 from Beetronics.


Two output presets are onboard the Buzzter, which allows three different stage levels to be set: clean, and then two steps up from that.

Beetronics are citing big headroom and ‘always-on’ boost functionality, controlled via boost (Honey), and out presets (Nectar and Pollen) controls.

Buzzter Standard pedals are available for $179 each - see Beetronics for more.

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