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Becos FX’s CompIQ Pro Stella gives you rack-style compression in a compact pedal

Romania’s Becos FX has unveiled the CompIQ Pro Stella Compressor pedal for guitar and bass, which promises the versatility of a rack unit in a compact stompbox.

The CompIQ’s compression, limiting and harmonic distortion come courtesy of a true RMS-level sensor and Blackmer VCA.

There are a staggering number of parameters onboard, with controls for ratio, threshold, attack, release, tone and make-up gain, plus switches for compression knee, side chain filter, timing and tilt-EQ frequency pivot.

Also included is an auto timing circuit, which responds to playing dynamics, as well as the all-important dry/wet blend knob.

What sets the CompIQ apart is a Tape Saturation circuit with independent saturation and level controls, plus lo and hi-cut filters.

Add in true bypass switching, a six-LED compression display and the ability to run off a 9V battery or power supply, and Becos looks to have an impressive contender on its hands.

The CompIQ Pro Stella Compressor is available now for $279/£198/€229 from Becos FX.

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