Rolling Stones bass recreated

Just six to get your sticky fingers on...
Just six to get your sticky fingers on...

40 years after creating a bass specifically for Rolling Stones four-stringer Bill Wyman, Vox has reissued the VBW-2000 Teardrop Bass.

Sometimes the phrase 'limited edition' is a marketing ploy. Sometimes limited edition really means 'one of only 50,000 made'. In this case however, the guys at Vox aren't kidding.

With just six pieces available in the UK, the chance of getting hold of one of these beauties is pretty slim. That said, if you do, various improvements have been made in terms of playability and specifications that probably mean that the reissue is, in practice, a better bass than Wyman's original.

The Japanese-made VBW-2000 features a carved maple top finished in three-tone sunburst, bound edges and natural-finished mahogany back and sides.

Wyman's small hands meant that he favoured a short 30.5-inch scale length and a slim neck much like a Hofner Violin Bass. The neck is constructed from mahogany, while two single-coil pickups provide the juice.

The VBW-2000 is £1599 including a fitted case, and interested parties should hurry over to before all six are sold. Just remember, you can't always get what you want…

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