NAMM 2012: New bass gear from Overtōn

The new Tremor 10mini will be launched in Anaheim
The new Tremor 10mini will be launched in Anaheim

NAMM 2012 PRESS RELEASE: As The NAMM Show approaches Overtōn is welcoming three exciting new products to their stable of bass gear. Each piece has been developed to compliment the existing roster while expanding the line into new directions and will be on display at their booth, Hall D #3394.

The award winning Featherweight Series will add a new member to the family with the Flyweight 500, the TōnLink-DI will mark Overtōn's first foray into outboard gear and the Tremor 10mini is poised to join the Tremor Series of bass combos.

The Flyweight 500 takes the sub-compact concept of the Flyweight 200 to a new level of power and functionality. The pristine clean tone and auto-compression of the Overtōn preamp is married to a four-band EQ and Overtōn's Sculpt control, offering precise manipulation of the frequency response curve.

This signal can of course be sent to the balanced studio direct out, however the twist is the addition of Overtōn's new Twin-Level master volume section. Accessible by footswitch, the concentric master volume control can be set to two levels allowing for the accommodation of a style change, engaging of a lead boost or for as yet undiscovered artistic expression.

The footswitch functionality is even broader still, with 4 features accessible; mute, Sculpt bypass, compressor bypass and master volume select for invaluable on the fly adjustments. With its impressive power to weight ratio the Flyweight 500 welcomes all contenders.

For the outboard gear aficionado, the TōnLink-DI provides the Overtōn sound in pedal format. Not simply an impedance matching device the TōnLink-DI is a full featured preamp. Sporting a smooth auto-compressor, 3 band EQ and individually adjustable gain and level controls, this preamp can be fully tailored.

Because the engineers at Overtōn understand the need, at times, for complex signal chains the TōnLink-DI also has an FX loop to increase it's functionality further. In addition the dual footswitches can be preset to trigger different functions within the TōnLink-DI. The left footswitch can be set to either engage the mute or a transparent bypass while the right footswitch can be set to trigger compressor or sculpt bypass modes. The TōnLink provides all of this versatility in Overtōn's instantly recognizable red anodized package.

Overtōn takes every facet of bass amplification very seriously and practice combos are certainly no exception. The Tremor series of bass amplifiers offers a feature set and fidelity unheard of in amps at their price point and the Tremor 10mini continues in this tradition.

Based on the remarkably loud and bold Tremor 8 platform, the Tremor 10mini ups the ante with 50W of power, delivered to the class leading Overtōn Special Design 10 loudspeaker. The Tremor 10mini offers a highly tunable preamp with Overtōn's Sculpt control, 3 bands of EQ (w/ mid-sweep) and Aux-in connectivity, for playing along with audio sources such as MP3 players. The Tremor 10mini will faithfully serve as a practice amp for beginners and as a serious portable amp for pros on the go that require wide dynamics and flat frequency response, even while warming up.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Overtōn

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