Eddie Trunk's Top 5 metal and hard rock bassists

Geezer Butler performs with Black Sabbath on Day 1 of Lollapalooza Aug 3 2012
Geezer Butler performs with Black Sabbath on Day 1 of Lollapalooza, Aug 3, 2012
(Image: © Erika Goldring/Retna Ltd/Corbis)

BASS EXPO 2014: If you've ever watched VH1's That Metal Show, you'll know that host Eddie Trunk knows his onions when it comes to metal and hard rock bassists. We teamed up with him recently to find out his top five bassists.

All the greats are counted, along with one face who may be new to most of you but still definitely worth checking out.

Geezer Butler

"A founding father of metal and still one of the kings of the instrument. Nobody sounds like Geezer still!"

Geezer Butler bass solo

Billy Sheehan

"The Jimi Hendrix of bass. The guy can do it all and reinvented the approach to the instrument in a rock/metal setting."

Billy Sheehan vs. Paul Gilbert, live in Budokan

Steve Harris

"The driving force of Iron Maiden and his playing is such a huge part of that sound. Nothing like that Maiden gallop!"

Steve Harris' best bass moments

Cliff Burton

"Incredible presence and ability and just a massive force in metal. The instrumental stuff legendary."

Cliff Burton goes solo at his second Metallica gig in 1983

Pete Way

"A huge influence on many including Steve Harris for one. Hugely underrated band and player/writer. Pete is on this list not only for his playing, but his great stage performance and character as well. Love those signature bass slides!"

Lights Out - UFO