Cool and classic basses: Warwick Corvette FNA

This was a short-lived revamp of Warwick's Altus bass and actually the FNA stands for 'Formally Known as Altus', albeit with a slight spelling mistake!

It was the first Warwick bass to make use of a Music Man styled MEC humbucking pickup and it worked extremely well. The lack of scratchplate allows this beautiful Honey Violin finish and the gold hardware to positively glow with sophistication.

The distinctive Warwick multi adjustable bridge and separate tailpiece are set below the body surface for a minimalistic presentation and the walnut veneer beneath the maple top gives a 'coach line' effect on the body.

The sound, although similar to an Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay, still retains that distinctive Warwick quality and feel. It was dropped in favour of the FNA Jazzman with two pickups but remains a beautiful bass, light in weight with a great range of sounds.

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