BandLab’s Looper takes mobile beatmaking to the next level

With its seamless cross-platform workflow and collaboration features, social music platform and online DAW BandLab has already changed the music-making lives of thousands of users, and now it’s taking another leap forward with the addition of the Looper. This takes beat creation to the next level, enabling iOS and Android users to create tracks any time, anywhere.

Using the Looper couldn’t be simpler: choose one of the 24 carefully-constructed Sample Packs and you can be cooking up beats in seconds, whether you’re a pro producer or not. Each Pack contains 24 purpose-built loops that can be triggered with a tap of the finger - lay down a drum track and then fire off basslines, keys, synths and other sounds on top. Everything automatically syncs up so that it’s always in time and key, and there are are a multitude of possible loop combinations to discover. You can’t go wrong, meaning that your tracks will always sound right.

The Sample Packs cover the likes of rock, hip-hop, grime, electronic, house, dubstep, indie, funk and R&B, so there’s something for you whatever your taste or mood. There are a variety of play modes, including Loop, One Shot, Gate and Re-Trigger, and you can polish your grooves with high-quality performance FX.

Once you’re back in your studio, you’ll find that your beats have been synced to the cloud and are already waiting for you in the desktop version of BandLab, and you can also download stems for use in other DAWs. There’s free algorithmic mastering and the option to share your track with the BandLab community or to your favourite social network.

If you’re expecting all of this to come at a cost, you’re be pleased to learn that it doesn’t: you can download the BandLab mobile app, which includes the new Looper, for free. What’s more, we’re promised more Loop Packs throughout 2018, so fresh inspiration is just around the corner.

Find out more on the BandLab website.