Austrian Audio wants you to get a lot of things done with MiCreator Studio

Austrian Audio has taken a slightly different approach to your average USB desktop mic and audio interface setup with a far more elegant solution for all those content-creation needs.

MiCreator Studio is ideal for capturing those ideas when that creative spark strikes, no matter where you are. 

In this video, we’re looking at the portable microphone system in a studio environment. The sturdy metal chassis of the MiCreator Studio and Satellite mics feature non-slip rubber feet for freestanding use. Alternatively, each mic comes with a 3/8-inch thread and 5/8-inch adapter both mics can be mounted on any microphone stand. 

Austrian Audio MiCreator Studio

(Image credit: Future)

MiCreator Studio connects to a host device such as a laptop, iPad, or iPhone via USB-C on the rear, which is also where you’ll find I/O for headphones and a TRRS port for connecting to the Satellite.

To complete this ultra-portable setup, MiCreator Studio also comes with a free copy of Cubase LE or Wavelab LE for desktop, or Cubasis for iOS. 

To find out more about MiCreator Studio, check out the Austrian Audio website.